Bronxville News

2022 HS Graduates
Bronxville, NY

The Bronxville School celebrated its Class of 2022 during its 100th commencement ceremony, held on the school’s front lawn on June 18. The students marked the completion of their high school experience before an audience of family, friends, teachers and administrators.

Principal Ann Meyer welcomed the graduates and praised them for taking advantage of every chance throughout the year to enjoy their time together.

“I look back on your four years in high school and I remember all of the adjustments and shifts and changes you made,” Meyer said. “You have been so incredibly excited and appreciative of each of the special moments this year both because you lost out on a lot but more so because you can now understand how important these times together are.”

During the ceremony, the students heard remarks from senior class president Erin Foley, Student Faculty Legislature President Peter Coquillette and special guest speaker Francesco Clark, a 1996 Bronxville High School graduate.

In her address, Foley reflected on her classmates’ athletic, musical and theatrical achievements, as well as their productivity and perseverance throughout high school.

“The most intriguing aspect of the resilience demonstrated by my classmates is the connections we developed,” Foley said. “When social distancing took precedence over conventional socializing, a shared sense of vulnerability and authenticity emerged, allowing us to forge deeper connections.”

As they embark on the next chapter of their lives, she encouraged her fellow graduates to remember the way that unexpected circumstances brought them important new lessons, creativity and friendships.

In his remarks, Coquillette expressed his gratitude to his family, faculty, administrators, coaches and friends for their guidance through an ever-changing world. He encouraged his classmates to understand their goals and aspirations and dare to make the difficult decisions required to get there.

“What I set out to leave our class with today is a reminder that everyone will face a wall of decisions that can be difficult to make in the face of societal pressure,” Coquillette said. “So, as we go forward in the face of these pressures, remember that this class has endless potential to excel as scientists, educators, entrepreneurs, artists and leaders, but most of all, the potential to excel as high-character people. If we hope to make it beyond the wall of decisions to where our goals and aspirations lie, we can’t always follow the secure path laid ahead of us by others. Sometimes we need to do something totally out of the question to onlookers.”

As part of a tradition at graduation, Meyer announced the names of several distinguished students, who stood up one by one to be recognized for excelling in various areas of academics and the fine and performing arts. At the conclusion, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roy Montesano presented the graduates, who were called one by one to receive their diplomas by Board of Education President Arleen Thomas.