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Bronxville High School Performance of Hello, Dolly!
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The Cast and Crew of Hello, Dolly! Builds a Supportive Community among Peers while Preparing to Perform for all of Bronxville

The preparation for any high school play or musical is intense. Now, well beyond the initial stress of auditions for Hello, Dolly!,the cast and crew are building sets, learning their dance steps and lines, and creating an atmosphere that will transport the audience back to New York City in the late 1800’s. 

While the cast and crew acknowledge the intensity of this period, they also speak to the magic that happens in the weeks leading up to opening night. Senior Molly Bishop, who has been performing in the BHS musicals since her freshman year and will take the stage in the role of Dolly, said this: “These shows create a family and I think that’s the main reason we are all here.” She went on to say that participating in theater, and the experiences she has had on each show, has been significant in forming the person she is today. “My role in theater has made me a better teammate, public speaker and, overall, someone who appreciates the contributions of all others.”

The sentiment is echoed among others in the cast, including senior Sophia McCarthy. “The whole process is a lot of hard work, but it's amazing to see it all come together - and we all know that when that curtain goes up on opening night, we’re going to feel great about this show,” said Sophia.

Molly also said that while performing for the community is always nerve-wracking, she knows that everyone in the audience is willing them to succeed. “Our community is amazing and I’ve learned to take those nerves and that great energy and go out there and just have fun,” she said.