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Almost Maine
Bronxville, NY

The Bronxville School auditorium will be transformed into a whimsical winter wonderland when the romantic comedy “Almost, Maine” comes to life on stage Nov. 2-3. Directed by Robert Cross, the spectacular fall production features a talented crew and cast of students. 

“Almost, Maine” is comprised of nine interrelated vignettes that all take place under the northern lights on the same night in a remote and fictitious town in Maine, called Almost. Written by actor and playwright John Cariani, the show explores love and loss, and it is one of the most frequently produced and beloved plays of the last decade.

“Since each scene focuses on two characters, every role is a lead,” said Cross, who described the show as a well-crafted, accessible and endearingly human production. “From our youngest actor, freshman Anna Maicon, to our most experienced, senior Matt Pytosh, I couldn’t be happier with the choice. They each get to shine. This cast has been making me laugh and tear up from day one, and I suspect our audience will feel the same way.”

Cross said “Almost, Maine” connects with audiences because of its diverse characters who are easy to relate to. 

“You don’t have to venture into the northern Maine woods or experience the aurora borealis up close to recognize bits of yourself in his characters,” he added. “Who hasn’t wondered about ‘the one who got away’? Who hasn’t felt awkward dancing around the ‘L’ word? Who hasn’t questioned the limits of a friendship, longed for more from a partner, experienced the thrill of that first kiss? Who hasn’t felt, in some small way, that they were not quite there, but almost?” 
While the talented actors have been transforming into their characters, members of the crew – under the direction of professional set designer Rebecca Rouse – have been working tirelessly to create a whimsical winter wonderland for the play, replete with snow drifts, evergreen and birch trees, and of course, the aurora borealis.

“While there certainly is an undercurrent of sadness and longing, the dramatic world of ‘Almost, Maine’ is chockablock with comedic misunderstandings, sight gags, verbal wit and more than a few surprises along the way,” Cross said. “We invite our audience to unplug from their complicated lives and join the residents of ‘Almost, Maine’ on this magical midwinter’s night under the aurora borealis, to laugh a lot, cry a little, and maybe, just maybe, snuggle up a little closer to a loved one.”
Performances are on Friday, Nov. 2 and Saturday, Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. at the Bronxville School auditorium. Tickets are $10. They will be available at the door and can be purchased ahead of time at 

Almost, Maine Cast List

Pete: Patrick Krall
Ginette: Ella Crawford

Her Heart
East: Matt Pytosh
Glory: Caroline Pastilha

Sad and Glad
Jimmy: Jack Moore
Sandrine: Esther DeVitt
Waitress: Anna Maicon

This Hurts
Marvlyn: Sofia Fenner
Steve: Seamus Watters

Getting It Back
Gayle: Ally Bruno
Lendall: George Cooney

They Fell
Randy: Seamus Watters
Chad: Matt Pytosh

Where It Went
Phil: George Cooney
Marci: Sofia Fenner

Story of Hope
Hope: Caroline Pastilha
Man/Daniel: Cole Zucker

Seeing the Thing
Rhonda: Alana McGuinness
Dave: Jack Moore

Production Crew

Set Designer/Technical Director: Rebecca Rouse (professional designer)
Stage Managers: Maddie Hanley and Finn Seibold
Assistant Stage Manager: Aiden Hiller
Lighting Designer: Maddie Hanley
Costume Designers: Victoria Vigorito and Emma Geer
Props Masters: Lauren Lee and Liv O’Keefe
Publicity and Poster Design: Nayanika Clark and Lauren Lee
Lead Hair and Makeup: Charlotte Martin and Emma Geer
Construction Leads: Luke Redman and Matt Rodriguez
Head of House Crew: Isabel Overby

Almost Maine