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Bronxville Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony
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Eighth Graders Cross the Bridge From Middle School to High School in Moving Up Ceremony

Bronxville Middle School’s Eighth Grade Moving Up Ceremony highlighted student voices which reflected on how far they’ve come, the excitement of how far they’ll go, and gratitude for the support from their family and school community. 

 “I'm so excited to see where our journeys will take us in high school. If middle school is any indication, I think we're all going to become extraordinary people,” said Charlotte Haller. “My wish for us is that we can all do our best in everything, be kind to each other, and be grateful for the amazing people in our lives. Enjoy the special high school moments as they happen.”

 “Growing up is defined in the dictionary as the advance to maturity. Today I'm going to tell you growing up is more than just an advance, it's a long process that we started in middle school,” said Anton Schmidt. “Growing up is an important part of becoming a person, and responsibility is an important part in becoming an adult. Thank you for guiding us in the long process of growing up.” 

 “These past three years have been the longest, yet shortest years of my life and I've learned so much and gained numerous life skills,” said Eleanor Fahy. “We have found ourselves in situations that require perseverance, leadership, and most importantly, kindness. And we had lots of fun along the way.”

 “For me, this will always be the class of resilience. One of the many definitions of the word is the ability to withstand and recover from difficulties to display toughness in times of adversity, which these students have truly exemplified,” said Mr. Mercora. “We started an adventure that was the 2022-2023 school year, and what an adventure it has been. Always know that one of the biggest honors I'll ever have is saying that I was your principal. Middle school is symbolized by a bridge that takes you from those young days of elementary school to the amazing world of high school, and in the middle of all that is your time with us.”