Bronxville News

Bronxville School Buzzes With Energy on First Day of School
Bronxville, NY

With new school supplies in tow, Bronxville School students returned to school on Sept. 4, ready to seek new learning opportunities during the 2019-2020 school year. 

“It is a tremendously exciting time for students, teachers and parents,” Superintendent Dr. Roy Montesano said. “When the students come in, the building feels alive again. Everybody is just so positive, and the place is buzzing with energy. The first day represents a time of opportunity and potential and reminds us of the important job we have as educators.”

Kindergartners experienced an exciting day of firsts as they got familiar with their new surroundings and teachers, who greeted them warmly to prepare them for an exciting educational journey. First through fifth grade students also enjoyed a busy first day of school as they organized their school supplies, got to know their teachers and participated in reading and writing activities. 

Meanwhile, middle school students learned about their new schedules, located their classrooms and greeted their teachers, who guided them through their expectations for the year. Prior to attending their first class, ninth grade students met with members of the Freshmen Transition Leaders team, who gave them tours of the building, helped them find their classrooms and answered questions so they could make a smooth transition to high school. 

Throughout the day, excited chatter and smiles filled the hallways and K-12 classrooms as the students got to know new classmates, reconnected with friends and met their teachers, who welcomed them back for another fulfilling academic year.