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Bronxville School Names Robert Lancia Director of Security
Bronxville, NY

With the safety of students and staff as its top priority, the Bronxville School has hired Robert Lancia as its director of security. With more than 26 years of experience in the law enforcement field, Lancia brings a wealth of knowledge to the community. 

Lancia began his career as a New York Police Department patrol officer and after a few years, he was hired by the Town of Ramapo. Throughout his career, he quickly rose through the ranks and performed duties such as a SWAT operator, eventually overseeing and managing the department’s firearm and tactical training, as well as active shooter and reality-based training. He has also provided risk assessments and suggestions for improvement to area school districts. 

Having recently retired after more than two decades in the law enforcement field, Lancia has also worked as a security manager, bridging the gap between public-service law enforcement and private security. 

“I realized that what was obvious to me as a security issue wasn’t as apparent to those not in law enforcement, and the solutions were even more difficult for them to see,” Lancia said. “My skill set goes beyond simply managing guards. Managing personnel is only a small part of the security equation.” 

In September, Lancia was hired by Altaris Consulting Group and assigned to the Bronxville School. Since his arrival, he has assisted the district in addressing its open campus feel, directing the security staff to maintain a strict visitor protocol while maintaining a friendly, community approach.  

“The school is a beautiful, well-maintained campus that has the support of the community and administration,” Lancia said. “Bringing in Altaris was yet another example of their strong commitment to safety. The schools have many safety, security and emergency preparedness measures already in place and have plans for major renovations. There is always room for improvement, and every company, campus or building has its own culture and with it, its own challenges.” 

Lancia said he believes school safety begins on the exterior of the building, including keeping its doors locked 24/7. 

“I am a problem-solver and enjoy the challenge,” said Lancia, adding that he will be reviewing policies, upgrading signage, training staff and students, preparing supplies for emergencies of any kind and addressing the district’s needs. “I hope to continually enhance the safety, security and emergency preparedness of the Bronxville School.”