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Bronxville School Welcomes New Staff for 2019-2020
Bronxville, NY

The Bronxville School welcomed new faculty members and interns during a two-day orientation, held Aug. 26-27. The group, who bring an array of experience to the district, met with administrators and curriculum leaders to discuss policies and procedures before the start of the new school year. 

Superintendent Dr. Roy Montesano and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Rachel Kelly welcomed the new hires, shared the advantages of being in a K-12 building and encouraged them to enjoy their time in Bronxville. Director of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Mara Koetke discussed the district’s vision for moving the Bronxville Promise forward before challenging the teachers and interns to test their innovation, critical thinking and communication skills by building a marshmallow-topped tower out of spaghetti, tape and string. The group also participated in a scavenger hunt and received a tour of the school and village.

Professional Staff Development Coordinator Dana Landesman and Mentor Coordinator Toby Gillen, who coordinated the mentoring program, said they were excited to welcome their new colleagues. 

The following are new staff members at the Bronxville School:  
•    Lisa Azria – High school special education life skills
•    Andrew Burke – High school computer science
•    Kerry Casto – Fifth grade
•    Eva Cieloszyk – Middle school Latin
•    Erin Doolan – Elementary school physical education
•    Allyn Flaherty – Middle school math
•    Brian Halling – High school mathematics
•    Kris Hart – High school social studies
•    Valentina Kalaj – Fifth grade
•    Uma Karkala – Middle and high school band
•    Vanessa Lawson – Middle school English
•    Jessica Liberatore – Middle school special education
•    Leigh Merin – Elementary school art
•    Gina Perl – Third grade
•    Cesar Sanchez – Middle and high school Spanish
•    Daniel Tocci – Middle school science
•    Wyeth Tvenge – Middle school orchestra
•    Dr. Thomas Viviano – High school psychologist
•    Kathryn Westherhem – First grade
•    Michael Whelan – High school special education

The following are new elementary school teacher residents:  
•    Julia Alberico
•    Elise Capozzi
•    Jamie Carroll
•    Kerry Ford
•    Fiona Keelan
•    Lily O’Neill
•    Samantha York

The following are new psychology interns: 
•    Amanda Czik
•    Nazia Denese
•    Amerell Hamo
•    Delia Hernandez
•    Rosemarie Kurtz
•    Julet Schwarz
•    Gina Sciacca