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Bronxville School Welcomes New Teachers, Interns for 2018-19
Bronxville, NY

The Bronxville School welcomed new faculty members and college student interns during a two-day orientation, held Aug. 27-28. The group met with administrators, discussed lesson planning, technology initiatives, policies and procedures, and received a tour of the school and village.

Professional Development Coordinator Denise Lutter coordinated the mentoring program for the new teachers along with Mentor Coordinator Toby Gillen and Policy Board Chairperson Dana Landesman. Director of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Mara Koetke discussed the district’s vision for moving the Bronxville Promise forward and said the new faculty members bring a new perspective and array of experience to the district. On the first day of orientation, Dr. Koetke challenged the teachers and interns to test their communication, innovation and critical thinking skills, which are closely aligned with the dispositions of the Bronxville Promise. They collaborated in groups to build a marshmallow-topped tower out of spaghetti, tape and string before reflecting on the experience. 

Eric Kennedy, a new social studies teacher, said he was drawn to Bronxville for its outstanding academic rigor and student motivation. 

“I want to bring a lot of energy, excitement and motivation about social studies but, more importantly, I want to raise awareness about current events and tie that into our understanding of the past,” he said. 

Emily Cloud, a new French teacher who spent her first year teaching English in France before returning to the U.S. to teach French, said she looks forward to engaging her Bronxville students in a variety of activities and sharing her passion for the French language and culture. Sarah Cumiskey, a new high school English teacher, comes to Bronxville after teaching in the Bronx and Brooklyn for 10 years.

“I’m excited to get to know the students and my colleagues and start a new chapter in my teaching career,” Cumiskey said. 

The following are new staff members at Bronxville Elementary School:  
•    Kerry Castro, fourth grade (leave replacement)
•    Jaqueline D’Arco, art
•    Fiona Keelan, third-grade teacher (leave replacement) for first part of the year and an elementary school teacher resident for the second part of the year 

The following are new staff members at Bronxville Middle School:  
•    Daniel Tocci, science (leave replacement) 

The following are new staff members at Bronxville High School:  
•    Emily Cloud, French
•    Sarah Cumiskey, English
•    Aline DeFreitas, English
•    Alexandra Gidaly, Spanish
•    Paula Junior, mathematics
•    Eric Kennedy, social studies

The following are new elementary school teacher residents:  
•    Brianna Brown
•    Jada Dickens (returning)
•    Alisa Kaufman 
•    Alexandra Levy
•    Jessica Redmond
•    Sarah Ross

The following are new psychology interns: 
•    Sarah Chen 
•    Danielle Colabatistto
•    Angela Dewey 
•    Kate Hesler
•    Anna Kotsatos
•    Elena Tyson