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Bronxville Sends Off Class of 2020 With Personal Celebration
Bronxville, NY

In what has been described as a year of triumphs and challenges, the Bronxville School celebrated its Class of 2020 graduates during a socially distanced, student-only graduation ceremony on the school’s front lawn on July 18.

The event, which was livestreamed on the district’s YouTube channel, allowed the students to be together for their graduation while maintaining social distancing guidelines set forth by New York State. Principal Ann Meyer welcomed the graduates and praised them for their ability to persevere through difficult times in the midst of a global pandemic and social unrest in the country. 

“This has not been an easy senior year,” Meyer said. “You have all faced it with grace and resilience. Remember that you all are making it through one of the most difficult times in recent memory. This experience will affect what you decide to do with your life, how you decide to do it and your resilience when facing the challenges that will most certainly arise. Remember, Class of 2020, you can do anything.” 

In his address, senior class president Luke Freeman reflected on his experiences at Bronxville and described his fellow classmates as resilient. He reassured them that as a result of the challenges they faced, they are stronger and ready to take action and change the world.  

“The world as we knew it has been altered in ways none of us will ever forget,” Freeman said. “We may have missed out on one of the best times of our lives due to the pandemic; hopefully, we all have become more aware of the world around us. Moving forward in life, this graduation class will have grown from this pandemic and the events during it, and we will accomplish great things in college and beyond.”

In his remarks, Student Faculty Legislature President Harry Villanueva expressed his gratitude toward all of the teachers, coaches, staff and parents who have impacted their lives over the years. He reflected on his fellow graduates’ achievements and described them as incredibly gifted individuals, recognized scholars, accomplished athletes, musicians, artists and social leaders.

“Through all of the unforeseen circumstances in our lives, we can proudly stand here as one of the most tested Bronxville classes to ever graduate,” he said. “Class of 2020, step forth with confidence, pride and with a smile because we are more prepared to roll up our sleeves for what comes next.” 

During the ceremony, Meyer announced the names of several distinguished students, who stood up one by one to be recognized for excelling in various areas of academics and the fine and performing arts. At the conclusion, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Roy Montesano certified that the students had completed all requirements from the school and state for graduation. Director of Counseling Anne Abbatecola read the names of each graduate as they walked up to the front steps of the school to take hold of their diplomas.