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Bronxville Students Assist Community During Pandemic
Bronxville, NY

Members of Bronxville High School’s Habitat for Humanity Club are doing their part in supporting the community during the coronavirus pandemic. They’ve donated gift cards to health care workers, sent letters to area hospitals and made donations to a local food bank. 

“We created a list of hospitals in the metro area, and the students are reaching out to as many as possible,” said social studies teacher Chris Doyle, who advises the club with math teacher Zhanna Cabrera. “The students and moderators wanted to continue to be of service during this time while we are home.” 

In their letters, Doyle said, the students expressed their gratitude to front-line workers and appreciation for what they’re doing for everyone and encouraged them to keep on fighting. In addition, the students made a donation to Feeding Westchester and provided the emergency room staff at New York-Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital with a gift card from Pete’s Tavern in Bronxville. 

“Our club has always been focused on helping people at their low points, and it’s no different this time,” student Nate Kim said. 

The students continue to meet each week via Zoom and look for ways to continue to be of service.