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Bronxville Students Clean Up Bronx River
Bronxville, NY

Middle and high school students collaborated on cleaning up various parts of the Bronx River in honor of Earth Day on April 22. Throughout the day, the students collected dozens of bags of trash both in and around the river.

“As a class that studies the river, we have an obligation to educate others on the importance and usefulness of the space, both as a community resource and as a learning space,” said science teacher Stephen Kovari, whose Bronx River Research class organized the event. “It is critical that students work to give back to the community and actively help the river and its surrounding environment by cleaning it up. This makes it a more useful space for both people who may use it for recreation and study, and for the health of the ecosystem.”

In addition, several high school students led lessons for the middle school students and engaged them in activities around the river. Hayden Garbarini, Tommy Garofalo, Andrew Knox and Hunter Morris led a lesson on fish, and Michaela McSherry and Anna Becker led a lesson on leaf packs for stream invertebrates.

The cleanup event encouraged the students to collaborate, engage in learning opportunities and work toward a common cause.