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Bronxville Welcomes New Staff for 2023-2024
Bronxville, NY

The Bronxville School welcomed new faculty members and interns during a two-day orientation, held Aug. 28-29. They met with administrators and curriculum leaders to discuss policies before stepping into their new roles for the school year.

Professional Staff Development Coordinator Dana Landesman and Mentor Coordinator Toby Gillen introduced the new hires before administrators welcomed them as members of the school community. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rachel Kelly and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Dr. Mara Koetke discussed the district’s vision for moving the Bronxville Promise forward. As part of the program, the group also received tours of the building, participated in a scavenger hunt in the Village of Bronxville and completed their orientation with additional meetings with their supervisors.

Welcome to the following new staff, residents and interns:

Faculty members:

•  Ashley Chippa – K-8 mathematics coach.

•  Ibrahim Dincer – high school physics.

•  Anna Dowd – high school chemistry.

•  Mihoko Christina Hoshizumi – high school guidance leave replacement.

•  Lauren Keschner – high school psychologist.

•  Nicole Lepes – first grade.

•  Zachary Miller – elementary school special education leave replacement.

•  Timothy Nelson – fifth and ninth grade guidance counselor.

•  Diandra Salmeri – fourth grade leave replacement.

• Danielle Santariello – K-12 psychologist.

•  Rachel Vining – art leave replacement. 


Teacher residents:

• Juliana Cacciola – third grade with mentor teacher Megan Hanson.

• Catherine Cusack – fourth grade with mentor teacher Lauren Wright.

• Selena Hernández – second grade with mentor teacher Tevon Palermo.

• Kharina Jeannite – second grade with mentor teacher Justine Rutherford.

• Erini Kallivokas – kindergarten with mentor teacher Gail Mathias.

• Alexa Krawec - first grade with mentor teacher Stacy Bilgoray.

• Megan Malave – first grade with mentor teacher Kathryn Westerheim.

• Samantha Scialabba – third grade with mentor teacher Laura Matthews.

• Nicole Velasquez – fifth grade with mentor teacher Megan Figueroa.


Teacher aides:

· Dana Campisi – special education.

· Megan Donovan – special education.

· Shaliiq Frederick – special education.

· Sydney Gioseffi – special education.

· Juliana Moreira – special education.

· Laurie Nolan-Carozza – special education.

· Michelle Raspanti – special education.

·  Marie Smiroldo – special education.

·  Dominic Vallario – special education.


Student teachers:

•  Ryan Arias – middle school social studies with mentor teacher David Katz.

•   Matthew Encarnacao – high school social studies with mentor teacher Dana Landesman.


Psychology interns and externs:

•  Jordyn Abrahams – elementary school.

•  Katie Bernstein – elementary school.

•  Sarah Furfaro – middle school.

•  Ariel Katz – middle school.

•  Samantha Printz – elementary school.

•  Tess Schaberg – middle school.

•  Caroline Tunis – elementary school.

Bronxville School New Faculty
Bronxville School New Faculty
Bronxville School New Faculty