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Bronxville’s Math Fun Fair Celebrates Curiosity and Collaboration
Bronxville, NY

As the rigorous school day ended in Bronxville, a dedicated group of elementary and high school students enthusiastically remained in the building to collaborate on a variety of math challenges. During the second annual Math Fun Fair, held in the cafeteria on April 11, 30 fourth and fifth graders played chess, solved puzzles and the 24 Game, created origami and paper planes, crafted geometric constructions, and participated in a scavenger hunt.

“One activity that proved to be a big hit was the scavenger hunt in which small groups of classmates worked together to find index cards placed around the cafeteria,” high school student Finlay Rowan said. “Each card had a different math equation, which students would solve to move on to the next card in a different location of the room.”

The high school students, who guided their younger counterparts in numerous engaging and entertaining math-related activities, said the fair strengthened the students’ abilities and sparked their interest in math.

“The purpose of the fair was to engage students in math-related activities in a fun and collaborative way,” said teacher Zhanna Cabrera, who is the high school Math Club adviser. “The fair was a huge success as both high school and elementary school students enjoyed it.”

To fuel the intellectual endeavors, there was an array of snacks and refreshments, along with raffles, prizes and a photo booth to conclude the fair with.