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Business Students Gain Insight From Local Professionals
Bronxville, NY

Bronxville High School students in Steve Klurfeld’s Business class recently welcomed two guest speakers to their school to learn about their career paths and gain a behind-the-scenes look into how businesses work.

The students heard from Paige Grand Pre, a Class of 2009 graduate who is the digital marketing associate at the Jacobs Burns Film Center, and Katy Edlitz, who owns the Booskerdoo coffee shop in Bronxville with her husband Scott. They talked about their career paths, discussed the day-to-day duties of the positions they hold, as well as the different qualities a worker in each setting would need to bring.

“Students love to hear about the behind-the-scenes of how things work, how people get started in their careers, and unusual curve ball stories about careers or managing work,” Klurfeld said.

Klurfeld said the students appreciated learning how each guest speaker’s job differed from one another and hearing about the journey that brought them to their current positions.

“Paige’s main takeaway was about how your career doesn’t have to be a straight line, and her time as a paralegal afforded her the insight to see that becoming a lawyer was not for her,” Klurfeld said. “With Katy, it was important for the students to realize that she had put in 20 years in a corporate setting and wanted a change. It was a similar message – you are never stuck in a situation if you wish to change and put your mind to it.”