Car-Shaped Robot Teaches Kindergartners About Programming

Car-Shaped Robot Teaches Kindergartners About Programming
Bronxville, NY

Equipped with car-shaped Sphero Indi robots that zoom around the classroom, kindergartners have been learning the fundamentals of computer science in a fun and hands-on way. Under the direction of technology specialist Claire Hollocou, they used interactive color-coded tiles to explore how the robot reacts when it drives over a color square.

“Depending on the color mat it passes over, the Indi reacts by turning, going faster or slower, or celebrating with spins,” Hollocou said. “The students first tried to figure out what each color square did and then they used this knowledge to practice their math skills. They guided the robot through a maze by counting on.”

As part of the experience, the kindergartners were challenged to find the lowest number and then use the color squares to guide the robot to the next number, counting on until they got to 12.

“These robots were a great way to practice their number sense with a hands-on activity,” Hollocou said.