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Choral Students Participate in ‘Hamilton’ Workshop
Bronxville Schools

A group of choral Bronxville High School students recently had an enriching learning experience when they attended a choral workshop and watched a performance of the Broadway musical hit “Hamilton.”

During the workshop, which was led by the assistant music director of the musical, the students participated in vocal warmups specific to musical theater, rehearsed excerpts from the show, learned choreography and engaged in discussions with several of the actors. Following the workshop, they enjoyed a matinee performance of “Hamilton.” 

“The ‘Hamilton’ workshop provided me and other students with a fantastic learning experience, deepening our understanding of Broadway music,” senior Aryia Banihashem-Ahmad said. “Meeting Broadway actors and gaining insight into understudies and swings was particularly exciting. It was wonderful to see some of those same actors in the show.” 

Choral Director Pamela Simpson, who was accompanied by teachers Gillian McGovern and Beth Agarabi, said the experience is the highlight of the school year. 
“I loved being a part of the vocal workshop and listening to how talented our students are,” McGovern said. “Of course, the show was amazing also.” 

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