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Eighth Graders Bring Shakespeare Play to Life
Bronxville, NY

Bronxville Middle School eighth graders – who have been reading William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” in their English language arts classes – are acting out scenes from the play to comprehend the meaning behind the author’s words. 

During virtual workshops, the students worked with actors from the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, a nonprofit professional theater company, to build their understanding through the power of gesture, sound and space. As a culminating activity, the eighth graders will perform a speech from the play after having analyzed the language in a variety of activities.

“Using acting tools and strategies, artist educators are helping bring the words on the page to life and teaching students a variety of tools they can use when learning to act their speech,” English teacher Alyssa Dioguardi said. 

Throughout the experience, the students have been doing a combination of reading, acting and watching the play. In class, they’ve have been focusing on comprehension and language analysis to grasp the language of the play.