Bronxville News

Students working on art in the art room
Bronxville, NY

As eighth graders sat at their desks in art teacher Jackie D’Arco’s newly renovated classroom, they diligently worked to create realistic drawings of a meaningful object of their choice. They used the value scale, as well as a variety of drawing pencils and shading techniques to complete their compositions. 

The students began their projects by analyzing realistic graphite drawings by Armin Mersmann. They also discussed how to make an ordinary object look extraordinary by changing the camera angles, zooming in to the object and creating a successful composition using the rule of thirds. They also photographed their objects and made their photographs monochromatic to further analyze their work. 

“The students choose their most successful compositions to practice on thumbnail sketches – quick, abbreviated, small drawings to test out their different compositions,” D’Arco said. “From these sketches, they chose their most successful composition to create for their final drafts.” 

D’Arco said the students have enjoyed being creative in the newly renovated art room, thanks to the Bronxville School Foundation’s generous support. The renovated room features new tables with storage shelves underneath, as well as new chairs, a trough sink and plenty of storage space for art supplies. 

“I am extremely grateful for the Bronxville School Foundation’s continued support for the arts to allow us to provide a modern learning environment for our students,” D’Arco said. “I am excited to experiment with new art materials in our new art classroom.”