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Bronxville News

Elementary, High School Students Solve Math Problems with ‘24 Game’
Bronxville, NY

Fifth graders and members of the high school’s Math Club recently collaborated over a challenging card game based on math facts. The students worked in small groups and competed to use all four numbers on any given card to make the answer 24.

Under the direction of the older students, the activity encouraged the fifth graders to think logically and apply the basic operation of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division to complete the challenges. 

“As they moved through the levels, they realized there is a lot of challenge to [making these numbers equal 24] and they did a great job working together,” fifth grade teacher Sarah Zonenshine said. “One student would come up with an idea and it wouldn’t exactly equal 24, but it would spark an idea in someone else’s mind to come up with the answer.”  

Math Club adviser Zhanna Cabrera said the students had fun bonding over the math game. 

“The 24 Game is widely played across the country,” Cabrera said. “It is great for developing number sense and confidence in problem-solving.”