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Bronxville News

Students sit facing each other at desks as a mock jury.
Bronxville, NY

A group of Bronxville High School students in Lee DiTullio’s Advanced Placement Environmental Science class served as jurors in a mock trial, held at Pace Environmental Law Center on Dec. 8.

The students – Ellie Clifford, Fiona Denning, Max Dicker, Amelia Grullon, Lizzy Langhoff, Aidan McBride, Saya Mueller, Keala Schubert, Diya Sriram and Lucy Theissen – spent the day covering a case that concerned allegations brought by a local Waterkeeper Alliance of pollution of a local river near Ocean Beach, Maryland, due to manure runoff from a chicken farm. The students heard opening statements, the plaintiff’s and defense’s case and closing statements before adjourning to deliberate a verdict.

“They found that the defendant did not violate the Clean Water Act and was not liable for the contamination of the Franklin Branch of the Pocomoke River,” DiTullio said. “This was in agreement with the finding of the actual trial in 2012. The students enjoyed it and learned a lot.”