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Fifth-Graders Celebrate Accomplishments During Moving Up Ceremony photo
Bronxville, NY

Fifth-graders celebrated the first of many milestones in their academic careers during a moving up ceremony on June 21. Signifying the conclusion of one chapter and the beginning of another, the students were called one by one to accept their certificates, which were handed out by their teachers, to the applause of friends and family.

Assistant Principal Adrienne Laitman welcomed the guests and honorees before student council representatives led the Pledge of Allegiance. The ceremony, which was a celebration of the students’ achievements and successes throughout their time in elementary school, continued with an address by Principal Tricia Murray. 

“This evening, we are celebrating a special group of students,” Murray said. “Their teachers describe them as energetic, passionate, reflective, risk-takers and helpers, who when presented with a challenge, overcome that challenge by working together.”
Murray reflected on the “Be the Change” project the students completed this year, which encouraged them to collaborate with each other, research a variety of topics and present their information in a creative way while ensuring that everyone’s voice was heard. Throughout the learning experience, the students were provided with opportunities to incorporate the Bronxville Promise into their work and help their peers understand bigger issues in society. As part of another project, the students exhibited teamwork, collaboration, patience and persistence to build a “friendly monster,” which required sewing, cutting and coding skills. Together and with help from friends, the students accomplished their challenging task of programming their “friendly monsters” to light up or play a song.  

“Through the Bronxville Promise, we want your children to leave the school knowing that they should lead with risk-taking, passion and persistence, that they can and should engage in their community and be empathetic towards others, and that they can think critically about their experiences and apply them to all areas of their lives,” Murray said. “And they should collaborate and help each other along the way. This is not only what made them successful in elementary school, but it will also make them successful in many ways as they move up to middle school and beyond.”

Murray also expressed gratitude toward the teachers for their dedication to the students and to all the parents for their support of the Bronxville School. She acknowledged that the students are ready to meet new challenges and embark on an exciting new journey in the fall. 

“Students, I know that I speak for your teachers and your families when I say that we are so very proud of all that you have learned here and how you have grown together and demonstrated such strong teamwork,” Murray said. “As one of your teachers put it, ‘That’s how this group of kids is going to change the world.’”