Bronxville News

Fifth Graders Move Up to Middle School With a Car Parade, Virtual Ceremony
Bronxville, NY

As fifth graders who were driven by their families pulled up to Bronxville Elementary School on June 17, they were greeted by the enthusiastic waves of their teachers and administrators. During the drive-through celebration, the students received their certificates and marked the successful completion of their elementary school days. 

Following the car parade, the school held a virtual moving-up ceremony that featured remarks from Principal Tricia Murray, student reflections and a slideshow to celebrate the students’ achievements. In her remarks, Murray said she admires the students’ spirit and their ability to be positive and engaged no matter what comes their way. 

“It has been wonderful to see you grow and mature over the years,” she said. “When you were faced with taking on distance learning in your last few months of elementary school, you stepped up to the plate. You took it on without hesitation, knowing that it may be difficult and knowing that you could do it anyway. The resilience that you built within yourselves over the years has served you well and it will continue to.” 

Murray acknowledged that the students have consistently thought critically, participated in important discussions with each other, shown tremendous leadership by working together through the years, and engaged in their community and world by speaking up about issues they were passionate about. 

“You’ve shown us that you understand the enormous impact you can make on the world,” said Murray, quoting excerpts from “I Am Human: A Book of Empathy” by Susan Verde, that all fifth graders read as part of their schoolwide read this year. 

She encouraged the students to remember the lessons they learned in elementary school, such as the importance of making good choices, being kind and fair, acting with compassion and recognizing when to say they’re sorry. Speaking on behalf of their teachers and parents, Murray said they are all proud of the fifth graders and wished them continued academic success in middle school. 

“As your teachers said, your ability to step up to a challenge and show resilience is inspiring,” Murray said. “We can’t wait to see what you do next.” 

The ceremony concluded with a performance of Phillip Phillips’ “Home,” under the direction of Marina Brown.