Bronxville News

Financial Experts Visit Economics Class
Bronxville, NY

Students in teacher Chris Doyle’s Economics classes welcomed two financial experts to their school for special presentations on Feb. 28 and March 6. 

During her visit, Kim Whitney, a global corporate and investment banking risk executive at Bank of America, explained the recession of 2008 and made connections to the present financial situation on Wall Street. 

“Her clear explanation of the causes of the crisis in 2008 and expansion since then will help the students as they dive into an understanding of the markets as they play their own version of The Stock Market Game online,” Doyle said. 

During his visit, Mark Portner, managing director of Investment Group East at Shorenstein Realty Services and a visiting professor at University of Richmond, presented a PowerPoint explaining how Shorenstein is able to invest in existing and new buildings to reimagine their use for new companies. He also explained the economic terms of leverage and liquidity as it relates to real estate. 

“Giving the students a real-world experience when it comes to finance and investments is the best way for students to understand the world of economics, and with the help of the Bronxville community, I hope to continue this for many years to come,” Doyle said. 

Over the years, Doyle has taken students on field trips to various financial locations in Manhattan, including the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.