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Bronxville News

Students in Class
Bronxville, NY

As a culmination to their “Word Builders” phonics unit, first graders in teacher Emma Sheehan’s class were treated to a variety of construction-themed activities. Equipped with hard hats and neon caution bracelets, the students celebrated their achievements in their Construction Zone classroom.

The students played construction bingo and constructed a vowel town, where all aspects of each student’s town contained a vowel team. They added roads, train tracks, a beach, sailboats, coastlines, school, playground, skateboard, clouds, houses and mailboxes, among other things, to each student’s own town. In addition, they rotated through centers where they built snap words using letter tiles and read construction nonfiction books and a poem about construction zones. They also worked through math equations, where they added and subtracted groups of 10.

“My students made a positive memory that connected their hard work and fun,” Sheehan said. “We all got to have a great day focused on building words, learning about vowel teams and making learning fun.”