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Fourth-Graders Step Back in Time to Colonial Days
Bronxville News

Fourth-graders – who had been studying the history of New York State in their classes – wore traditional Colonial period clothing and participated in a variety of hands-on activities during the annual Colonial Day celebration on March 13. 

Throughout the day, which was generously sponsored by the PTA, the students learned about candlestick making, tinsmithing, stenciling, and Colonial games and dance. During a workshop with Linda Russell, a musician who brings history to life through stories and song, the students also learned about the different period instruments.

“Colonial Day has become a wonderful culminating experience where students participate in hands-on activities while being engaged in enriching conversations that deepen their understanding of the topics we address in our unit lessons,” teacher Susan Engelhardt said. “Through these engaging activities, our goal is for the students to continue to build on the knowledge they have learned in the classroom.”

Prior to the event, the students learned about Native Americans who were local to the area, and European explorers, such as Henry Hudson and Giovanni da Verrazzano, who played a pivotal role in the settlement of New York State and the Colonial American way of life. This time period has also extended into the students’ most recent study of the American Revolution.

“I liked learning what people did back in 1761 because it was very interesting, and I got to see what life would have been like back then,” fourth-grader Thomas said.