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students coding on laptops
Bronxville, NY

Fourth graders have been coding their own interactive “Create Your Own Adventure” stories using Scratch, a block-based visual programming language and website. As part of technology specialist Claire Hollocou’s class, they have been learning how to gain user input, code global variables and use conditionals.

“Their characters are on an adventure and the user has to make decisions along the way,” Hollocou said. “Depending on the user’s decisions, the story can go in different directions. Students planned their story in a graphic organizer and then have coded each choice. They have had to make tough decisions along the way about how their story will work and changes they might have to implement.”

Throughout the process, the students are gaining a deeper understanding of how the code they are programming interacts with the user and how other sprites, which are two-dimensional bitmaps that are integrated into a larger scene, to help them code more interesting and efficient programs. While learning a variety of new skills, they have also been utilizing how-to sheets and collaborating with their group members to solve problems.

“While they try to find ways to bring their ideas to life, they have to use trial and error and find ways to think differently,” Hollocou said. “I hope the students continue to cultivate their love for coding and realize how much they are capable of. Knowing the amazing things that they can create will hopefully allow them to see the impact they can have in the world.”