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High School Students Explore ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ During SFL Day
Bronxville News

Bronxville High School students participated in a variety of workshops and heard from influential guest speakers who shared advice and insight about their careers during the annual Student Faculty Legislature Day on Jan. 29. Casey Neistat, an entrepreneur and professional filmmaker with more than 8.3 million subscribers on YouTube, provided the keynote address before an audience of students, faculty and administrators in a filled-to-capacity auditorium. 

“Casey showed everyone that success can be earned anywhere,” said Griffin Garbarini, a senior and SFL president. “The combination of his success, personal story and work ethic made him the perfect keynote speaker. Students love watching Casey’s videos because they inspire them to be successful in something they love.” 

Garbarini – who organized the Student Faculty Legislature Day along with SFL Vice President Claire Kraemer, Treasurer Ned McCann and Secretary Hannah Weirens –said they chose this year’s topic, “The Pursuit of Happiness,” because they wanted to engage their peers in a discussion about what it means to be successful and teach them that it does not come easy. Members of the Student Faculty Legislature developed their idea of challenging the notion of success as a result of the data they collected from the Challenge Success survey. 

“We wanted to redefine success: It is not a linear path, it is one with setbacks and total chaos,” he said. “It comes with hard work and persistence. Not only that, but [students should] pursue success in something that [they] love. Pursue happiness.” 

Following the keynote address, each student attended three breakout sessions throughout the rest of the day. Guest speakers included more than 20 professionals in business, fashion and beauty, sports, medicine and government. 

The Student Faculty Legislature Day guests and speakers included:

•    Matt Hooper, co-founder of LFT Media 
•    Brian Bodell, CEO of Finivation Software 
•    Ben Cornish, Bronxville High School physics teacher
•    Sean Morgan, entrepreneur 
•    James Kirby, president and management committee member of Deerpath Capital Management
•    Michael Sands, CEO of YumEarth Candy Co. 
•    Mark Pagano, Citibank 
•    Colleen O’Callaghan, financial adviser at Morgan Stanley
•    Scot Tatleman, entrepreneur and founder of State Bags 
•    Sheila Stoltz, real estate broker 
•    Carmen Marc Valvo, fashion designer
•    Tina Adams, fashion production manager
•    Amy Shecter, CEO of Glamsquad 
•    Carly Heitlinger, fashion blogger 
•    Roger Goodell, commissioner of the National Football League
•    James and Tom Blake, retired professional tennis players 
•    Alan Zucker, marketing agent 
•    Scott Bacigalupo, three-sport athlete 
•    Thomas Maldonado, vascular surgeon 
•    Heidi Flagg, obstetrician-gynecologist 
•    Theresa Maldonado, pediatric emergency room physician 
•    Sarah Normand, attorney