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Join us in Honoring a Dedicated Bronx River Teacher
Bronxville, NY

Justine McClellan is a high school science teacher and pioneer in engaging students in hands-on learning and real-world research on the Bronx River.

Five years ago, she started an independent-study research project on the Bronx River at Bronxville High School with two students. Now, the project is a year-long Bronx River science course with a growing number of students participating each year. Thanks to Justine's leadership, the district has incorporated Bronx River studies and research into the K-12 curriculum.

“Justine has expanded opportunities for students across the district to do meaningful scientific research on a local level that involves community action,” - Bronxville High School Principal Ann Meyer. 
Congratulate Justine McClellan on Wednesday, September 25 for her work in engaging teachers and students in using the Bronx River as a rich learning laboratory, as she receives the 2019 Educational Leadership Award!

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