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Junior Performs Original Song, ‘Jacket’
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Blending different musical influences into one piece, Bronxville High School junior Grace Gramins has written an original song, “Jacket.” Her song captures the evolution of a relationship and the growth of trust and support as time passes.


Gramins, who wrote the song as a freshman, said she takes inspiration from anything that happens in her day-to-day life and leaves a lasting impact on her.


“This song, for me, is something that really captures feelings of uncertainty and highlights how taking a leap can lead to many beautiful things, such as the journey and evolution of a relationship that this song portrays,” Gramins said. “Writing this song was about recognizing that it takes time to grow closer to someone and that it doesn’t happen overnight.”


The song begins with worries about opening up and learning to trust, but as it progresses, it becomes apparent that this relationship has gone from a tentative one to an incredibly important one.


“While I wanted a sense of reality, I also wanted to incorporate an element reminiscent of a fairy tale by making the jacket symbolize a world where everything is perfect,” Gramins said. “There are so many things in the world that are scary, upsetting and evoke strong emotions, which is why I wanted to write about a place where everything seems to be OK, even if there is, in reality, not much that this jacket and the person wearing it can really do.”


Gramins is a member of the high school chorus, under the direction of Pamela Simpson, and has also been independently working with band director Uma Karkala on songwriting.


“Grace is a fabulous addition to our chorus and school community,” Simpson said. “She is passionate about making music and sharing her music with others. Not only does Grace have a beautiful singing voice, she uses the power of her voice to help those less fortunate than her.”


As an eighth grader, she became involved with the Daniel’s Music Foundation, an organization that provides free music and movement classes for adults and children with mental and physical disabilities, as well as educates and spreads awareness about disabilities. She has also been actively working with the Tri-M Music Honor Society chapter, which places students in leadership positions and gives them the opportunity to serve their community.