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Junior Workshops Prepare Students for College Application
Bronxville, NY

As 11th-grade students filled out their college résumés during their Junior Workshops and narrowed down the list of colleges they’ll be applying to, their guidance counselors supported them every step of the way. 

The students – who meet for a 40-minute session during each six-day cycle – said they feel more confident and better prepared as a result of their participation in the Junior Workshops, which are designed to assist students in the rigorous college application process. Under the guidance of their counselors, the juniors recently completed a detailed account of how much time they spend in school, on homework and extracurricular activities, and reflected on whether or not they get enough sleep. They also drew conclusions regarding their involvements and ability to commit to rigorous academics, as well as participation in clubs, sports and service in school and in the community. 

“We hope that this consideration will lead to a thoughtful process of selecting classes for senior year and of planning their lives accordingly, thus reducing the stress that many of our students experience,” Director of Counseling Anne Abbatecola said. 

Grace McSherry, a junior, said she feels more confident, organized and better prepared for the college application process. 

“These workshops have definitely been extremely helpful,” McSherry said. “They help to break down the process, so you’re focusing on certain aspects of it and you can really just put all of your energy into that one thing. It’s been rewarding to get a whole part of the process done.”

The students were also involved in a series of interest and personality activities, which were designed to guide them in narrowing down a college study area. As a conclusion to the Junior Workshops, each student will create an account on the Common Application and finalize their personal statements, so they are ready to complete the actual college application when it becomes available to them in August. 

“Through participating in the workshops, juniors will learn more about themselves and take charge of the application process as they will be ready to complete most of what is required of them on their applications,” Abbatecola said. "In the fall, they will be able to focus upon their classes and hopefully enjoy senior year with reduced stress."