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Kindergartners Celebrate Power of Reading
Bronxville, NY

Kindergartners who are learning how to read shared their newly acquired skills with family members during a reading celebration on Dec. 13. Throughout the morning, they read together in partnership and sang the “Super Reader” song. 

“The children were proud to share their newly activated reading powers and accomplishments,” teacher Gail Mathias said. 

The celebration helped launch the kindergartners’ Super Powers unit as part of the Teachers College Reading Program. During the unit, the young readers select books to read on their own and practice their skills, including pointer power, snap word power, picture power, sound power and persistence power. Then, they work with a partner and take turns reading to further solidify their skills and build their reading muscles.

“The children have been selecting ‘Just Right’ books, which are individually selected texts, depending on their abilities,” Mathias said. “They allow them to utilize and practice the reading powers they have activated during our lessons.”

In addition, each student received a Super Reader cape to wear during their reading workshop to remind them to use their Super Reading powers.