Kindergartners Discuss Importance of Families

Students in Class
Bronxville, NY

As Bronxville Elementary School kindergartners drew pictures of themselves and their families, they bonded over the connections they’ve created in school. In class, they read Shannon Olsen’s “Our Class is a Family” book and discussed what a family is before drawing their own interpretations of their classmates, school and families.

The lesson was part of the school’s C.A.R.E. curriculum, which focuses on helping students develop self-awareness and an increased sense of who they are personally and as part of the school community.

“Two girls spontaneously drew each other down to the clothing color, and it was a lovely moment,” said school psychologist Joyce Vastola, who teaches the curriculum.

Kindergarten teacher Janissa Wiles said the lesson was one of many important discussions that start in C.A.R.E. and that classroom teachers continue to discuss all year round.