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Bronxville News

Kindergartners Learn Lessons in Friendship and Inclusivity
Bronxville, NY

Bronxville Elementary School kindergartners were treated to a special visit by an esteemed author and illustrator on Oct. 26, aligning with their exploration of pumpkins, as well as lessons on friendships and differences.

During their visit, author Patricia Lowe engaged the young students by reading from her book, “The Confused Pumpkin,” which was illustrated by Tammy Roth. Lowe conveyed the main theme of her book, which emphasizes curiosity, inclusivity, friendships and family. She said she wanted the students to gain insights into the significance of pursuing their dreams, and being supportive and kind to one another.

In addition, Roth discussed her illustrating process and shared pictures she drew in kindergarten, third grade and middle school, demonstrating to the children the growth that can happen when you find something you love to do and practice.

“The Confused Pumpkin” tells the story of Ruby and her family, who live in a storybook house where she dreams of planting a magical garden filled with vegetables of different shapes and sizes. One odd little seed grows round and orange, quite different from the other vegetables. Ruby’s tender kindness and acceptance show the other vegetables that gentle love can create a garden of friendship, and differences are an opportunity to celebrate, accept, respect and learn from one another.