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Bronxville News

Students in Class
Bronxville, NY

Third grade students traveled around the world when they heard tales from master storyteller Jonathan Kruk, who visited their classrooms on Sept. 13 and 20. His visit was designed to prepare and engage the children in their fairy tale writing unit and interest them in the social studies curriculum of cultural diversity.

Through Kruk’s enthusiasm and expert storytelling strategies, the students listened closely to tales from Brazil, France, Ghana, Japan and Mexico. During the second part of his visit, he shared expert tips on the ingredients of a fine fairy tale, including one heaping cup of trouble, two talking characters, a magical helper or trickster, as well as three steps to solve the problem, and incorporating the five senses.

“With Mr. Kruk’s ingredients and our curriculum, the students are generating multiple fairy tales that include adaptations and original tales,” third grade teacher Meghan Chiapperino said. “Our goal is for students to generate fairy tales that follow a story arc and include a little magic, dialogue, narration and trouble by writing multiple small moments.”

Chiapperino said she hoped the students were inspired to think creatively about their writing and learned the necessary steps for writing magical fairy tales.