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Math Students Take Control of Own Learning with ‘Limits’
Bronxville, NY

High school students in Brian Halling’s Differential Calculus class recently took an active role in the classroom to further explore and deepen their own understanding of limits. They completed an activity log with various optional, required and choice activities to calculate the limit of a function numerically, analytically and graphically. 

Using the Innovative Designs for Education method, which encourages teachers to engage students in project-based learning, Halling introduced the lesson’s topic before challenging his students to work independently.  

“This allowed students to practice with the particular aspects of calculating limits that they felt they needed the most practice with,” Halling said. “This also shifted the lesson to be more student-centered and less lecture-based.” 

Halling said the experience was rewarding because he was able to answer specific questions from students while allowing them to work with their peers, learn from one another and develop their skills together.

“It helps students take more responsibility for their learning and also empowers them to seek information at their own pace in accordance with their own learning styles,” he said.

Special thanks to the Bronxville School Foundation for funding the IDE Corp. – Innovative Designs for Education furniture.