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Middle, High School Students Excel at Foreign Languages photo
Bronxville, NY

Eighth-graders at Bronxville Middle School and ninth- through 12th-graders at Bronxville High School had outstanding performances on national language tests and received numerous gold, silver and bronze medals, as well as honorable mention awards. 

A total of 58 eighth-graders took the 2018 National Spanish Exam, a motivational contest that measures performance and achievement of students who are studying Spanish as a second language. As a result, two students – Lily Jebejian and Donna Napolitano – earned a gold medal; seven students – Olivia Gunther, Charlotte Harwood, Chris Kelty, Julia Reich, Molly Stoltz, Tyler Tanaka-Wong and Sydney Tuck – earned silver; and seven students – Dya Archarjee, Ava Black, Bridget Finley, Piper Fitzgerald, Alex Kupersmith, Dylan Raiff and Matthew Rodriguez – earned bronze. In addition, 13 other students –  Sofie Blazejczak, William Bornmann, Eliza Brennan, Eddie Hannigan, Conner Huang, Megan Krestinski, Molly Krestinski, Lily Moore, Olivia Prior, Izzy Rice, Marco Wimmershoff-Gonzalez and Micki Zucker – earned honorable mention certificates. 

Meanwhile, a total of 39 eighth-graders took the National Latin Exam, of whom two earned silver medals, five students earned magna cum laude certificates and five earned cum laude certificates. Eighth-graders Kelly Baclija and Lucy Clark earned silver medals; Spencer Blumenreich, Lauren Giuriceo, Carl Tamussino, Alice Vranka and Isaiah Weir earned magna cum laude certificates, and Rory Denning, Patrick Greatrex, Andrew Mager, William Stupart and Ashley Wetty earned cum laude certificates.

A total of 25 eighth-graders took part in the National French Contest, of whom four earned gold medals, six earned silver, three earned bronze and seven earned honorable mention certificates. The following students earned gold medals: Erin Foley, Meghan Howson, Bethany Lee and Fiona Vail. The following students earned silver medals: Amelia Bormann, Natalie Gunther, Caroline Ircha, Sabrina Latham, Chloe Lee and Maya Madhavan, while Elizabeth Burnell, Ella Gottlieb and Carmen Phillips earned bronze medals. The following students earned honorable mention certificates: Jed Donohue, Hughie Duffy, Piper Gilliam, Milly Koenig, James Rohr, Kate Sullivan and Carina Tarazi. 

Bronxville High School students also participated in the National Spanish Exam and were among more than 150,000 students who took the test. Congratulations to the following students who earned a gold medal: Timothy Atkeson, Sofia Fenner, Safiya Patel, Elaina Poulos, Grace Sperber, Avery Widen and Arianne Wortel. Congratulations to the following students who earned a silver medal: Maya Engenheiro, Ashley Goldbaum, Natalia Morato, Elaine Neild, Chloe Paris and Ashley Toal. Congratulations to the following students who earned a bronze medal: Caroline Brashear, Maya Brinster, Henry Donohue, Sophia Feinberg, Celia Kelty, Annabelle Krause, Pilar Layton, Melissa Marchetti, Elizabeth Marshall, Grace Mcsherry, Emily Plaza, Mykhailo Pustovit, Victoria Ruffo, Henriette Schmuck and Maeve Sullivan. The following students earned honorable mention certificates: Mariana Apostolatos, Eve Balseiro, Isabelle Beit, Hannah Beldotti, Camila Blikstad, Alexandra Brumbaugh, Jack Bodell, Isabella Bouvard, Charlotte Cagliostro, Ava Chiang, Rory Christian, Jacqueline Coquillette, Kyle Dillon, Trent Dillon, Margaux Frohlich, Andrew Goldbaum, Patricia Hagerty, Andrew Howson, Samantha Huss, Fiona Jones, Nathaniel Kim, Camila Kwok, Delphina Maldonado, Dayan (Zip) Malley, Olivia Martin, Jack Matthews, Caroline McGrath, Jack McSherry, Gabriel Morato, John Moynihan, Cassidy Mullen, Margaret O’Hare, Julia Pabafikos, Ellyn Paris, Catherine Proskoff, Uma Revadigar, Claire Rich, Nicole Semenyuk, Amanda Shkreli, Jessica Sondey, Connor Stoltz, Ethan Waggoner, Kelly Weild and Ziwen Xu.

Meanwhile, 101 students in grades 9-12 took part in the National French Contest and received medals. The following students earned a gold medal: Nicolas Baror, Joseph Kochansky, Pilar Layton and Ellyn Paris. The following students earned a silver medal: Arianne Wortel and Paul Magaud. The following students earned a bronze medal Catherine Burnell, Olivia Conniff, Olivia Doyle, Peyton Kinon, Alexander New, William Ramundo, Evelyn Robert and Finn Seibold. The following students earned honorable mention certificates: Andrew Babyak, Allison Barker, Megan Barker, Justin Barr, Rachel Billings, Eva Dani, Barrett Dollar, Charlotte Dotson, Hana Eddib, James Ferguson, Luke Freeman, Susanna Goodell, Michael Grieco, Arisa Hara, Ingemar Hentschel, Aiden Hiller, Caroline Hulbert, Alyssa Lee, Gabriela McClain, Alana McGinness, Cassidy Mullen, Kamil Mutlucan, Margaret O’Hare, Isabel Overby, Toranosuke Ozawa, Rachael Peacock, Isabelle Phillips, Margot Richards, Wyatt Spiegel, Eve Sullivan, Szilvia Szabo, Anton Tarazi and Abigail Thomas.

Bronxville High School students also had an outstanding performance at the National Latin Exam, which was taken by more 150,000 students nationwide and from 16 other countries. Liam Heraty, Sabrina Mellinghoff and Emily Perry earned gold medals, while George Daher, Annabelle Krause, Theo Liao, Yuka Nakano, Michael Randall, Rachel Roberts and Victoria Vigorito earned silver medals. The following students earned magna cum laude certificates: Peter Curran, Joe Daher, Olivia Doyle, Katharine Forst, Brian Li and Liam Sands. The following students earned cum laude certificates: Thomas Bender, Liam Bishop, John Hodulik, Kunzang Namygal, Jack Pagano, Sophia Sheumack, Charlie Vail and Lily Vorbach.