Middle School Students Bond Over Outdoor Challenges

Students playing tug of war
Bronxville, NY

Bronxville Middle School sixth through eighth graders participated in outdoor challenges and activities during the schoolwide Field Day on May 28.


The middle school Field Day followed a hybrid model with indoor and outdoor activities for each grade to participate in on a rotational basis. The day was broken into four parts: an Envelope Challenge, which was a “breakout room”-type game; field activities for each grade at a time; a trivia gameshow in the style of “Jeopardy!” and lunch, which was provided by food trucks.


The students worked together and individually to complete puzzles that offered parts of a web address to open a YouTube video that unlocked the meaning of a cryptic letter. Once the letter was decoded, they worked to find the key that opened an envelope with access to the ultimate prize. As part of the “Jeopardy!”-style trivia game, the students competed as a team to get and wager points to attain the highest score possible. The outdoor segment of the day included physical challenges where the students played capture the flag, tug of war and engaged in dodgeball games with their classmates on the field. At lunch, the students had the option to choose their own lunch from four different trucks that were contracted just for the middle school Field Day.