Bronxville News

One World Day Brings Together High School Students
Bronxville, NY

Bronxville High School students participated in workshops and heard from influential guest speakers during One World Day on Feb. 24. Organized by students, the event featured speakers who addressed issues such as homelessness, poverty, climate change, global sustainability, education, healthy relationships and abuse, among other topics. 

“We wanted to organize an event that is impactful and unique,” said Harry Villanueva, a senior and president of the Student Faculty Legislature who organized the day along with Vice President Annabelle Krause, Secretary Jackie Coquillette and Treasurer Jimmy Hennessy. “We decided that it was important for the SFL to take it upon ourselves to start the conversation of change amongst our student body.” 

The day began with two keynote addresses by podcast host Joe Ferraro and Groundwork Hudson Valley Executive Director Brigitte Griswold, who spoke before an audience of students and faculty. Following the keynote addresses, the students were split into 24 different groups and participated in various breakout sessions. At the end of the day, the students gathered in the auditorium and heard from eight student panelists – Tim Atkeson, Caroline Hulbert, Sunday Ladas, Sabrina Mellinghoff, Cassidy Mullen, Michael Randall, Sofia Ricciarini and JP Swenson – who shared their unique service experiences and fielded questions from the audience.

“I hope that people grasped how easy it is to get involved with anything,” Villanueva said. “The event was successful in that we brought everyone together to spark an important conversation. I am very satisfied with how the event played out. I also could not be more excited for the future of the Student Faculty Legislature.” 

Throughout the day, the students heard from the following professionals and guest speakers: Richard Bunyan, Danielle Butin, Susan Cacace, Christian Clark, James Coughlin, Joe Ferraro, Anna Foley, Brigitte Griswold, Christina Hanson, Michael Harley, Mita Hosali, Monica Jannis, Judi Kende, Gainsley Korengold, Corrine Lurry Maybin, Suzanne McKhann, Jane McManus, Jim Palmer, Walter Ritz, Sharon Robinson, Dave Steck and Tanya Weiss. Among the speakers who led breakout sessions were students Ben Davis, Spencer Dessart, Betsy Marshall, Evelyn Robert, Kate Saluti, Chloe Slater, JP Swenson, Peter Vorbach, Kelly Weild and Avery Widen.