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Puppet Show Helps Students Celebrate Differences
Bronxville, NY

First- through third-graders at Bronxville Elementary School were treated to a special musical puppet show, called Addy and Uno, at their school auditorium on Jan. 7. The play, which is an Off-Broadway show, highlights different characters with disabilities and stresses the importance of inclusion.

“It’s about how their disabilities don’t lead to inabilities and how they’re able to overcome and achieve anything they set their mind to,” said third-grade teacher Megan Fischer, who coordinated the visit. “It’s great for the students to see how they should have empathy or understanding of people with disabilities they may interact with.” 

The show tells the story of Uno, a child with autism, who faces the challenge of competing in his school’s math competition while his friends with varying disabilities, including ADHD, visual, hearing and physical impairment, rally in support. Through the heartfelt and interactive show, the students applauded and encouraged the characters to be brave, celebrate their dreams and differences. 

Principal Tricia Murray said the play connects to the school’s overall work on character education and diversity.

“It helps students connect and empathize with characters who are different from them,” Murray said. 

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