Second Graders Create 3D Models of Sustainable Skyscrapers

Second Graders Create 3D Models of Sustainable Skyscrapers
Bronxville, NY

Second graders, who have been learning about the characteristics of rural, urban and suburban communities, created their own sustainable skyscrapers as part of a hands-on learning experience. 

Using cardboard boxes and minimal art supplies, the students collaborated with their peers to create 3D models of the buildings. They built a strong base, designed windows and doors for their structures, and lastly added eco-friendly elements, such as solar panels, gardens, trees, rain collectors and recycling bins. 

“The students worked as innovators to create futuristic sustainable skyscrapers,” teacher Lori Feingold said. “We challenged them to think about why changes in communities happen and to look at architecture through a sustainability lens.” 

Throughout the experience, the students explored why a community is strengthened when community members work together – a concept that was solidified when the second graders worked on the team project. They also analyzed the traits of good teammates and determined what makes a team successful. The project, which was funded through a generous grant from the PTA, invited members of the educational organization ArchForKids to work with the students. 

The experience with ArchForKids provided students with a dynamic hands-on, minds-on learning experience grounded in architecture, design, engineering and urban planning.