Bronxville News

Second-Graders ‘Time Travel’ Through Bronxville
Bronxville, NY

Second-graders at Bronxville Elementary School recently collaborated with local historian Richard Forliano from the Bronxville Historical Conservancy to explore how communities, especially their own Village of Bronxville, have changed over time.

During the presentation, “A Time-Traveler’s Trip Through Bronxville,” the students viewed before and after photographs of familiar spots in their community, discussed how Bronxville has changed over the years and learned about the founders and notable residents of their village.

“By learning about the past and how it is closely connected to the present and future, the students gained a greater understanding of how and why communities change, as well as aspects of their community, mostly the values and ideals of the people, that remained the same,” said Justine Rutherford, a second-grade teacher and curriculum leader who organized the event.

As part of the experience, each second-grade class participated in a trolley tour of the Village of Bronxville as Forliano guided them from their school to the train station, through the center of town, along the various shops and post office to explain what once stood in their place.

“Both the presentation and the trolley tour were critical in helping the second-graders envision what life was like for citizens in Bronxville when it was first founded,” Rutherford said. “Seeing before and after pictures of familiar spots in their village was very engaging and enlightening.”

Following their trip, the students reflected on their experience and lessons learned and discussed the differences and similarities between their life today and how people lived in the past.