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Seniors Discuss Civic Engagement With Senator
Bronxville, NY

Bronxville High School seniors – who are taking Christina Reidel’s Political Science and Participation in Government class – welcomed New York State Sen. Shelley Mayer as a special guest speaker to their school on Nov. 12. 

“The seniors, who are about to go out in the world and are of voting age, hold a lot of power,” Reidel said. “Getting them informed about how to access that power as citizens, as members of a community and as members of the school, is something that’s a really important goal for this class.” 

During her visit, Sen. Mayer discussed her background in public service and shared her motivations for civic engagement and working in a leadership capacity. Some of the policy issues that she discussed with the students included health issues around vaping devices, college affordability, and school safety and funding. Sen. Mayer also encouraged the students to be civically engaged and have a voice in what happens in their community.

“I wanted the students to feel that their voices can be heard by their representatives,” Reidel said. “Teaching students that these are the people who represent them and encourage that communication is a lesson not just for the students, but also for the representatives, because we are their stakeholders.” 

The Political Science and Participation in Government class directly aligns with the dispositions of the Bronxville Promise and teaches students about the importance of civic engagement. 

“I hope students learn how to civically engage locally, at the state level and federally,” Reidel said. “Sometimes the ways they can be most influential and impactful is within their local communities.”