Seventh Graders Curate Museum on U.S. Constitution

Students With Their Projects
Bronxville, NY

Over the course of several weeks, seventh graders worked together to curate a museum on the United States Constitution as a culminating project to their studies.

“The project was designed to have students show what they have learned about the Constitution, its history, and the story of how it continues to be a dynamic, living, changing and growing document,” social studies teacher David Katz said. “They study American history from before the arrival of Columbus until the Civil War. The United States Constitution and its formation and history as a founding document of the country is an important element of the curriculum.”

Throughout the learning experience, the students conducted extensive research and created Hall of Fame-style plaques displaying an individual who had an impact on the development of the Constitution. Having gained a deeper understanding of their topics, the students worked in small groups to create museum displays to provide an in-depth perspective about the history and significance of a particular issue within the founding document. In addition, each student created a piece of original, creative work to express a concept, phrase or event from the Constitution or history.

“Paintings, cartoons, digital collages, songs and poetry highlighted the students’ artistic interpretations of the United States Constitution and United States history,” Katz said. “Some of these, particularly those related to the rights of Americans, were very poignant.”

The students displayed their final projects on June 21 in the atrium for teachers, peers and families.