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Sixth Graders Build Community Skills on Sharpe Reservation
Bronxville, NY

Bronxville Middle School sixth graders engaged in teambuilding activities during a trip to the Fresh Air Fund’s Sharpe Reservation in Fishkill on Sept. 21. They bonded over the activities, which were designed to enhance their problem-solving, decision-making and team bonding skills.

“This trip has been a longstanding tradition for all Bronxville Middle School students,” said Jim Agnello, school counselor, who planned the special experience for the students. “The opportunity for middle school students to work in their advisory groups is invaluable in the bonding and team building as we embark on the advisory curriculum following the Bronxville Promise as our compass.”

The students participated in large and small outdoor group activities that included a low ropes course and a maze. During the low ropes course, they were challenged to figure out how to get everyone through a raised tire and onto the other side, which required the use of teamwork, strategic planning and problem-solving. During the maze challenge, the sixth graders navigate a maze of bases by trial and error and used teamwork to memorize their way out. After lunch, all 116 students participated in a large group activity in subgroups of three.