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Student Art Will Surely Put a Spring in the Step of the Bronxville Community 

Spring is just around the corner and the Bronxville School community is readying for a full artistic bloom. Spring into the Arts will feature student artwork all around Bronxville’s downtown shopping district Monday, March 13th through Sunday, March 26th, and a live open mic performance by Bronxville’s high school students will be held on March 13th. This collaboration between the high school Arts Society Club, Bronxville Fine Arts Department, Bronxville PTA Arts Council, and Bronxville Chamber of Commerce will yield a fruitful experience that is sure to delight the whole community.

The Bronxville School community knows that art matters. In 2018, the high school’s Arts Society Club was formed to find refreshed ways to promote and celebrate Bronxville students’ artistic talents. It was also the beginning of a larger community collaboration that has continued to grow. In 2020, student, PTA, and business organizations came together to produce an event to recognize and celebrate Bronxville’s student artists backed by full community support. Hence, Spring into the Arts blossomed. The Bronxville PTA has always supported the fine arts and performing arts programs at the Bronxville School, and this year they made an even deeper commitment by establishing the PTA Arts Council to support and celebrate existing and new arts initiatives. “I have watched this event grow over the years and I continue to be in awe of the desire to celebrate our student artists as a part of this amazing and supportive community,” said Courtney Alan, visual arts teacher and curriculum leader at Bronxville School.

Ms. Alan and her colleagues will serve as curators for the event. Selected artwork from grades five through twelve will be featured in the windows of the shops that line the streets in the heart of Bronxville. Putting the exhibit together is akin to creating an outdoor museum, with the town’s natural landscape serving as a backdrop. The students’ work is carefully chosen to complement each of the stores. A colorful acrylic painting of fall leaves and flowers will adorn the window of The Flower Shop of Tryforos & Pernice, and beautiful still life will be featured in the window of Vadiathan Life & Home, and Mattise projects by Bronxville fifth graders will be on full display at Soccer and Rugby. Bronxville student Andrew Doyle created the defining image for the event, a painting that captures the warmth and light of the Bronxville community. This is Andrew’s senior year and art has played an important role in his time at Bronxville School. This year he was awarded the prestigious Gold Key Award from the National Scholastic Art Awards for drawing and illustration. Aptly, his portrait will be displayed in the window of the Fine Arts Gallery.

The Bronxville community will be able to celebrate the art just by strolling around town. Children of all ages will love the scavenger hunt organized by Bronxville PTA Arts Council and Chamber of Commerce; scavenger hunt clues and art stroll maps will be available at Ovder (Booskerdoo) and Candy Rox will be donating prizes for the children who complete the hunt.

Another highlight of the fun filled program is the high school Open Mic Night organized by the Co-Presidents of the Arts Society Club, Bronxville seniors Molly Bishop and Addie St. Phillip. An opening reception organized by the Bronxville PTA Arts Council will kick off the events on Monday, March 13th, with Open Mic Night immediately following, at a new venue- the Picture House. “We are beyond excited to have this new space! An opening reception will take place before show time, thanks to our wonderful PTA representatives,” said Addie. Both students acknowledge the wonderful opportunities for formal instruction and performance at Bronxville School, and sometimes performing artists just want to have a little fun too. “Open Mic Night differs in that it has a relaxed atmosphere and we’ve been told it offers a welcoming feeling for all students,” said Addie. 

The message is clear: be prepared to be entertained. The Bronxville PTA Arts Council Co-Chairs, Kelly Fezza and Ashley Gramins share in the excitement for what’s to come. “Celebrating our Bronxville students’ talents, whether it is through the art that is displayed in our village shops or through the Open Mic Night live performances by High School students, is so important.  It brings our community together in our lovely downtown shopping district, it showcases the talents and dedication of our amazing students and teachers, it inspires the younger generation of student artists, and it brings joy to everyone who participates,” they said. “We are grateful for this special collaboration and we hope that Spring Into the Arts continues to thrive and be a memorable event for many years to come!” 

For a full schedule of events and a list of participating businesses, click here for the Spring Into Arts flyer.