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Bronxville News

students running cross country
Bronxville, NY

Jack Pasquale, a Bronxville High School sophomore who has overcome enormous challenges over the years with the help of his support team and classmates, successfully competed in his first varsity cross-country race on Oct. 13. After training for weeks, he crossed the finish line to the cheers of his teammates and spectators at the meet. 

“Jack has shown us the true definition of dedication,” head varsity cross-country coach Jim Agnello said. “He is such a great example of hard work paying off. Our team and many at the meet swarmed the finish line to cheer Jack on to success.” 

Along the route, Pasquale ran alongside his father, who supported him in completing the race. The student has participated in modified cross-country, winter and spring track since he was in seventh grade. He is now a member of the varsity team.

students running cross country
student running cross country