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Students Build Bicycles for Children of Military Members photo
Bronxville, NY

Bronxville School students, parents and faculty hosted the annual “Operation That’s My Ride” event on May 5 in support of local military families. During the event, volunteers – who previously helped raise money for 50 new bicycles and helmets – assembled the equipment.

Third-grade teacher Pam Kohlhoff, who runs the United Service Organizations-sponsored event that supports the military and their families in appreciation for their sacrifices, said the bicycles and helmets were presented to children of deployed soldiers.

"Helping people who serve our country is a great honor,” Kohlhoff said. “These families, including their children, deserve to be recognized by the people they protect and dedicate their life to serve. This is just a small effort, but for the Bronxville community it is a start.”  

Bronxville High School students Charlie Gay, Jack McSherry and Bridget Sands helped organize the event and facilitated the fundraising efforts. In late April, approximately 20 students participated in a phone-a-thon by reaching out to community members to raise money for the equipment.

“It is truly a schoolwide, community event that brings people together each year to show their appreciation for military families,” Kohlhoff added.

Students Build Bicycles for Children of Military Members photo