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Students Holding Signs
Bronxville, NY

Bronxville Elementary School students gained important lessons in sustainability and community service during the annual plastic recycling drive from April 15-19. Their collection efforts coincided with the school’s annual spring tradition of walking to school, which was designed to raise awareness about the environment.

“Sustainability in our lives does not always have to be done in big ways,” said Susan Engelhardt, a fifth grade teacher and Student Council adviser. “It can be done in small, simple ways that are connected to our lives. It was exciting to hear about the many families who walk all year round and collect soft plastics regularly for recycling.”

Throughout the week, the students collected various plastic materials, including produce bags, store bags, ice bags, resealable bags, cereal box liners, bread bags, newspaper sleeves, dry cleaning bags and bubble wrap. Engelhardt said the students were surprised by the amount of recyclable plastic they received in one week.

“Members of the Student Council felt proud knowing the work they are doing is important, and that they are helping the environment,” Engelhardt said. “They also felt empowered in educating younger students and setting a good example as leaders and engaged citizens. By organizing and participating in this work, they realized that even in their small community, by working together we can make a difference.”

This was the Student Council members’ fourth and final drive of the school year, sharing their knowledge and strengths as leaders and making a difference in their school and community.

Students Holding Signs