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Students Learn to Persevere Through Challenges With Origami photo
Bronxville, NY

Kindergarten through fifth-grade students at Bronxville Elementary School – who read Dori Kleber’s “More-igami” book as part of the Whole School Read – recently collaborated with each other to create origami and persevere through the challenges. 

“Each year, our school chooses a book to reinforce a lesson or big idea for students,” Principal Tricia Murray said. “This year’s book teaches students the importance of persevering when faced with a difficult challenge. It’s the story of a boy named Joey who really likes folding things but finds that it’s not so easy. Through repetition and practice he finally becomes an origami master.”

To celebrate the lesson of the story, the younger students were paired to work with older students as they engaged in origami activities, including the making of flasher hats, bowls and spinning canes. 

“The students worked beautifully together by helping each other and pushing through the challenges that arose,” Murray added. 

Fourth-grader Dexter said he enjoys folding paper to create different models out of origami. Despite it often taking several attempts, he has learned powerful lessons about the importance of perseverance. 

“When making the flasher hat, it took me 30 fails to get it, but eventually, I got it,” he said. “I think it’s important to practice. Never give up and always keep trying. Eventually you’ll get it.”