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Students Recognized for Achievements During Awards Ceremony
Bronxville, NY

Bronxville High School ninth through 12th grade students were recognized for their outstanding accomplishments and contributions in the classroom and beyond during an Awards Ceremony on June 14. 

They received awards in categories including innovation, critical thinking, leadership, engaged citizenship, music and drama, art, foreign languages, science, math, social studies, online learning and athletics, as well as a number of community, memorial, national and state awards, and college and university book awards.

Lucy Clark and Bethany Lee, both juniors, received the Lighthouse Award, sponsored by the Bronxville School Foundation, for exemplifying the school’s educational ideals of enthusiasm for learning, pride of accomplishment, self-discipline, self-esteem and consideration for the ideas and values of others. They were also recognized for their selfless dedication and service to school and community during their time at Bronxville and for fostering those ideals in others. 

Liam Heraty, a senior, received the SFL Award, presented annually to the student who has served as president of the Student Faculty Legislature. He was also awarded the Louis H. Braun Superintendent’s Award for demonstrating excellence in academics, leadership and service to the school. 

Timothy Atkeson and Annabelle Krause, both seniors, received the annual Principal’s Award, which recognized them for their outstanding citizenship, demonstrated through high ideals and standards of conduct, as well as for their contributions to the life of the high school. 

For a full list of the awards, click here.